Monday, December 05, 2005

Snow, snow, snow - Let's Connect for ITRT

Karen, thanks for the update on today's luncheon. For those of us that do attend this great conference but live close by, the weather sent this attendee home early. Living in the Roanoke Valley has its rewards, but in this case it has its down side. We locals never get the opportunity to stay at the wonderful Hotel Roanoke.

The highlight of my Monday was attending "Let's Connect!" for ITRTs with Juliette Mersiowsky in Pocahontas A. Even though I have been a Technology Resource Team Member for Roanoke County Schools since 1998, this session provided the opportunity to connect with fellow ITRTs from other school districts.

Juliette divided the participants into 6 groups, where we were able to share the hurdles we are experiencing and also some of the success stories with each other. How reaffirming to know we are all in the same boat! I would definitely recommend this session to any and all first year ITRTs!

Enjoy the conference!!!


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