Monday, December 05, 2005

Daniel Arkin, Big Cheese and Grilled Cheese

The Virginia Society for Technology in Education is co-sponsoring the conference. Daniel Arkin is talking right now and listed three school division's technology directors. as "big cheeses." Then, he named their "grilled cheeses," the tech support people who help the big cheeses.

He imagined what would happen if the big cheeses and the grilled cheeses changed places for a conference presentation. Someone in the presentation asks a tough question and the grilled cheese thinks for awhile then says how easy that question is to answer and because of that he is going to pass it along to his colleague. Remember, now it's the big cheese on the spot.

What is the moral of the story? It take big cheese and heat to make grilled cheeses work. Or, without grilled cheese, big cheese is just a dairy product. Or, it takes many form of technology cheeses to solve the mystery of technology in education.


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