Monday, December 05, 2005

Lunch at the Conference

Snow is falling but we are happily ensconsed in the Hotel Roanoke ballroom listening to the folks from the Department of Education, including Jo Lynne DeMary, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. She is retiring, and we will miss her. She was introduced by Lan Neugent, the Assistant Superintendent for Technology and Human Resources. What a team...Virginia is the first state to mandate Instructional Technology Resource Teachers for each 1,000 students. And we've been recognized for all our work in online assessment. It is so exciting to be sitting here listening to her review all the other great things that have gone on over the past years and know that I have played a very small part.

For me, here's the most relevant quote: "Until the plan is worn from use, it is only a booklet. We need to make this plan a living, working plan."


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