Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Twelve Websites for Math Teachers

According to Wikipedia, a meme (pronounced like dream or "mem" in memory), is a unit of cultural memory. It may be a jingle or saying. But it has also come to mean the sharing of ideas around a set of questions posted on blogs. I decided it might be a fun way to do some more blogging for VCOL, update Virginia's Community of Learning database, and to attract some attention to this blog AND the database at the same time. So, this week, I am participating in the Iterations meme: posting a list of twelve things. I did a search at the Community of Learning and here's what I found:

1. Illuminations: From the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, a website designed to support the NCTM standards. What can I say? Wow! The online activities are particularly great!

2. Cool Math: This site bills itself as the "amusement park" of mathematics and has something for everyone.

3. Mathematics Archive: Want to find your own websites? Start here...

4. Wikibooks: This link takes you to the mathematics books at Wikibooks. You can read but you can also help write!

5. Mathcats: A kind of quirky site with some fun logic problems.

6. PBS TeacherSource: Math lesson plans and activities

7. A+ Math: Games, printable worksheets and more.

8. Absurd Math: An adventure game that uses math skills to move through the levels.

9. Math Forum: From Drexel University, a math site for students and teachers. Includes Ask Dr. Math.

10. BasketMath Interactive: Review site for basic math skills

11. Brain Teasers: Lots of brain teasers and puzzlers

12. The Calculus Page: From UC Davis, resources for calculus students and teachers

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