Thursday, July 07, 2005

Breaking News

I don't have access to a 24-hour cable-news network like MSNBC or CNN. So, when there is breaking news like the terrorist attack in London, I turn to the web for my information. Google News provides national and international news. But, in addition to being able to get the headlines, I can be part of the grass roots conversation as well as London bloggers do what comes naturally and start logging on to record their experiences, reaching out to the online community for support. (London Blast) Yet, as I looked at the pictures posted to Flickr and at the BBC site, I couldn't help feel a little like a rubber necker on the highway. I realized though that this is the stuff of historians, the primary sources that tell the stories of the event, each moment experienced in different ways by each individual, and blogs and slideshows help record those stories. Bloggers weave their tales on the web, writing their own histories. Elsewhere, people write the story collaboratively...right now it is unfolding at Wikipedia.

What happened in London is just horrible and we can only grieve with those whose lives will never be the same. And thank you for sharing your stories with us...


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