Tuesday, May 03, 2005

So, what did I learn in my curriculum class this past semester? That there are many differing viewpoints about the ultimate goals of education. Today's ASCD SmartBrief highlights three articles that get at just that issue.

The first, from the Los Angeles Times, deals with Superintendent Roy Romer's suggestion that all students in his school division take the 15 credits required for the college prep curriculum. Should everyone at least be prepared to go to college? Or, as his critics point out, will that type of curriculum lead to higher dropout rates? You'll need a free registration to read the story.

From the Washington Post, a story detailing Maryland's special education teachers' frustrations with the new alternative test. Too much time preparing for the test takes away from the time that these teachers say could be spent preparing their students for life outside of school. You'll need a free registration to read the story.

Finally, from National Public Radio, a story focusing on the Met Schools, also known as Big Picture schools, where students find their passions and pursue them. No grades, no tests; instead, students work on internships and create projects related ot their learning. You can read about the schools or listen to the original radio broadcast.


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