Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It has been nearly a month since I blogged. Busy with teaching and learning, I guess. Or I'm just like all those other people who created blogs and then never integrated them into their lives. Hmm...sounds a lot like technology in schools. We bought it, did some skills training, and then were surprised when teachers didn't use it! Well, they needed to know about integration.

I am in Phoenix, attending the SITE conference for the first time. My presentation is this afternoon. I'll be talking about the PT3 grant at William and Mary. I am a little nervous to be presenting at a "scholarly" conference.

The presenter I'm listening to just mentioned TechSmith's Snagit software, which I had never heard of. It's a screen capture program but TechSmith also makes a variety of other products. Her presentation is about a program for teaching teachers to make multimedia products and websites. I am mostly here for the next presentation on blogs ;-)


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